Toledo technology academy Faculty

TTA Teachers Are Amazing!

The TTA Hiring Process

The TTA hiring process is an Interview Process.  This process post the positions both inside and outside the system.  We have the ability to hire the person best fitted for the position.  Our interview team includes the Director, Members of our Governing Board, Higher Administrators from the TPS Cabinet, teachers from the subject matter area, Toledo Federation of Teachers Representatives, and a Compliance Officer from Human Resources.  We interview, discuss and our goal has always has been to come to a consensus decision.  We all support the decision of the team!

We Enjoy Working

What People Say

When my son and I toured the school, I knew right away that these were his people! He definitely found his tribe at TTA. The teachers are caring and the academics are challenging. We couldn’t be happier.

Annie. C

We chose TTA because we wanted our son to have the best education and a place that would provide opportunities for the future for him. TTA has helped our son develop critical thinking skills that will benefit him in college and life. The teachers are great resource for him. It’s a great learning place and…

Mabel. M

I myself went to TTA, so it was an easy choice to send my son as a second generation student. Great school with awesome teachers! We love TTA!

Coutrney. G