Governing Board

Tom Volk
Oscar Bunch
Dennis Earl
Emilio Ramirez
Rick Anderson
Kevin Dalton
Rich Rankin
Romules Durant
Jim Gault
Linda Meyers
Sandy Simon
Wes Bunch
Susan Rowe-Finely
Dal Lawrence
Plant Manager
Ohio Belting & Transmission
Retired President Local 14 UAW
President UAW Local 14
President TAAP/UAW Local 5242
Owner CEO, Radco Industries
President Toledo Federation of Teachers (TFT)
Director UAW Region 28
Superintendent Toledo Public Schools (Ex-Officio Member)
Executive Transformational Leader of Curriculum and Instruction
Transformational Leader K-12
Youth Career Connection Liaison
Organizational Development Consultant
Senior Director TTA
Retired President TFT Local No 250
GM Powertrain Toledo (TTO Toledo Transmission Operations)