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Combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. We call FIRST Robotics Competition the ultimate Sport for the Mind. High-school student participants call it “the hardest fun you’ll ever have.”

Under strict rules, limited resources, and an intense six-week time limit, teams of students are challenged to raise funds, design a team “brand,” hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. It’s as close to real-world engineering as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team. Each season ends with an exciting FIRST WorldChampionship. In addition to the obvious STEM areas, FIRST students gainskills in teamwork, time management, and public speaking that they will use the rest of their careers

FIRST was founded by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway scooter.  His goal is to inspire an appreciation of science and technology in young people by creating a high-energy sporting event in design, construction and competition with robots.


A big advantage to participating in FIRST is gaining access to millions in college scholarships made available by over 200 colleges, universities, and corporations who support FIRST. 

This is exclusive financial help open only to FIRST team members, giving them a competitive leg up on other students seeking educational funds. Over $80 million in scholarships were available to last year’s students.

Most are for use at the specific Provider college or university, but some can be used at any school and vary from one-time awards to full four-year tuition. About one-third of them can be used for any course of study.

Team #279 Tech Fusion Robotics is open to all Toledo Public Schools (TPS) students (grades 9-12) and is currently represented exclusively by TTA students.  Through this robotics program, students interested in math, programming, science, engineering, and CAD have their interests fostered.  Students in 9thand 10thgrade frequently develop skills they will use in the engineering lab classes prior to their classmates. The program also teaches students skills in teamwork, time management, and public speaking that they will use the rest of their careers. TTA’s Team #279 has represented the Toledo Public Schools since 1999 and won the National Championship in 2001. The team is sponsored by the Dana Corporation and Dana engineering personnel.

While the 2019 FIRST® Robotics Competition season will officially kickoff January 5, 2019 team 279 will start getting ready in November.

Join our expedition into the 30thseason of FIRST®! Travel to the outer limits of the universe in DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE Presented By The Boeing Company. Complete the attached application and return it to Mr. Dale Price in room 2258 at TTA.