Susan Rowe Finley

Susan Rowe Finley (Mrs. Finley) worked for approximately 12 years with The University of Toledo, College of Engineering, Career Development Center. She taught Professional Development and assisted students with their co-op placements and ultimately their fulltime positions. Civil, Environmental, and some Technology (Computer Science, Construction, Electrical, Mechanical and Information Technology) students were Mrs. Finley’s focus for co-op placement and job development. 

These cultivated positions were within both the private and public sector of the workforce. Prior to being employed at the university, Mrs. Finley worked at New Mather Metals, Sylvan Elementary School and General Motors. Mrs. Finley has earned a Masters with a Graduate Certificate in Communication. Mrs. Finley’s passion is to assist students, parents and teachers in attaining their goals and advocates education as one’s greatest asset for success.