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Posted: 4/1/20

Hello TTA families.


Next week, Toledo Public Schools will distribute learning packets to students across the district. However, TTA curriculum will continue to be taught online by TTA faculty via Schoology. If you do not have access to a device that allows your student to complete the TTA curriculum digitally, you should pick up a Toledo Public School District learning packet. If you are doing TTA online curriculum, through Schoology, you DO NOT have to pick up a district learning packet.


In an effort to practice social distancing and limiting the number of people working at one site, a staggered pick-up schedule has been developed. 


Please note some families will be picking up packets at their home school while others will be directed to a school in our learning community. 


TPS district learning packet distribution day for TTA is between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm at McKinley Elementary School located at 3344 Westland Ave, Toledo. 

Pick up dates are listed below:


7th through 8th grade is Monday, April 6th

9th grade is Tuesday, April 7th

10th grade is Wednesday, April 8th

11th & 12th grade is Thursday, April 9th


You will be directed to the “drive- thru” where a staff member will greet you. Simply tell the volunteer what grade level you need and you will receive the appropriate packet of information.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to keep our students engaged in learning. 


Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Susan Rowe-Finley at srowefin@tps.org.

3/23/20: Only students who need Geometry packets or specific things because you cannot print out what is on Schoology, or your teacher told you to stop by and pick up your packet, need to come in for Blizzard Bags! All items are on Schoology except the packet for Ms. Foos's Geometry class.

Kroger Community Rewards

Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards and link your account to support TTA!  You will need to sign into your account or create an account if you don’t already have one.  Once you have an account you’ll need to search for “TOLEDO TECH ACADEMY PARTNERS” or search by our organization number: UX239.

All of the money generated will go to support school related activities or functions.  Thank you for your support!

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students make the difference

Our collective group of students make our school what it is today. The TTA culture is very unique and translates throughout the student body, faculty and staff.

The TTA Education

Students at TTA experience more than just classroom concepts. They get to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life applications.

Career REadiness

TTA will give students the foundation to go directly into the workforce or pursue higher learning.

Students learn design and production skills

Did you know TTA has a mobile app?

Our news

Parents make sure to download our mobile app to say in touch with what is going on at TTA!  The purpose of the mobile app is to help increase awareness, engagement and communication between parents and administration.

We will be using the mobile app to update parents on important information, parent meeting times, discussion forums, and how to become more involved.  There is also a bullying feature that goes straight to the Director to help bring awareness of anything that needs attention.  TTA has a zero bullying tolerance!

The app is also designed to help bring families together on issues that may be happening at school.  Use the app to communicate with faculty to let them know about your concerns to help make the school a better place for everyone.

The goal is to have parents and faculty working together to ensure the students have the best chance for success after graduation.  The focus is on the students and together parents and faculty can work together to produce the best outcomes!

Download the app on either store: Toledo Technology Academy

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What Parents Say About tta

When my son and I toured the school, I knew right away that these were his people! He definitely found his tribe at TTA. The teachers are caring and the academics are challenging. We couldn’t be happier.

Annie. C

We chose TTA because we wanted our son to have the best education and a place that would provide opportunities for the future for him. TTA has helped our son develop critical thinking skills that will benefit him in college and life. The teachers are great resource for him. It’s a great learning place and…

Mabel. M

I myself went to TTA, so it was an easy choice to send my son as a second generation student. Great school with awesome teachers! We love TTA!

Coutrney. G

I chose TTA because of the classes offered and the skills promised. My son is in 7th grade and I enjoy the open communication I have with all of his teachers. The administration team is friendly and open as well, making this school the best option for TPS students.

Koketta. K

My child’s home school literally changed their syllabus so my child would fail. They said it wasn’t fair to the other students that he was smarter. So I transferred him to TTA and now he loves school. He tries very hard and learns things that he can actually use in life. The staff is very…

TTA Parent

I chose TTA for my daughter because it’s a great school and the opportunities they are able to receive while being there are endless. My daughter was the 1st 7th grade class there and she is a junior this year and she loves every minute of it…

Brandy. V

We, as a family, chose TTA for our son in 7th grade. The parochial school system no longer “fit.” We learned about TTA over the summer, paid a visit, and were immediately sure this was where our son belonged. We have not looked back. He has learned and matured, developed frienships and embraced the experience…

Sandra. D

My son is going into his freshman year at TTA. He absolutely loves going to school so much he has only missed one day in three years. The principal and teachers are available with any answers to any questions you may have. He has made many new friends throughout the years.

April. G

Since attending Toledo Technology Academy, my son has grown and changed in ways I never thought would be possible. His confidence has soared and his interest in immersing himself in the TTA community has continued to grow.

Megan. P

I really value the group work opportunities that my son had right from the beginning of the year for all grades. The group projects continue through the year for every grade and prepare the students for real life interactions in the workplace. My son may grumble and disagree with me but the challenges of working…

Sameena. R

My first experience with TTA was a memorable one for sure.  My wife and I decided to attend the TTA open house and I remember how  a student opened the door for us.  At that moment I knew TTA students had a level of respect that was taught at the school level.  My wife fell…

David R